2005 Weather summary


Average Temperature over the year:11.6 °C
Lowest Temperature:-4.6 °C28 February at 06:03
Highest Temperature:33.8 °C19 June at 15:45
Coldest Day (average temperature):-0.5 °C29 December
Hottest Day (average temperature):24.6 °C19 June
2005 Temperatures


Total annual rainfall:554.9 mm
Driest Month:14.7 mmDecember
Wettest Month:106.3 mmSeptember
Wettest Day:36.3 mm24 October
The heaviest shower peaked at:133 mm/h24 June at 16:02 (34 mm)
"Driest" Day (RH):31 %16 July
Average RH over the year:72 %
Rainy days (> 0.4 mm):127 days
Dry days (< 0.4 mm):237 days
The longest dry spell:15 days8 July to 23 July
The longest wet spell:5 days6 May to 10 May
2005 Rainfall


Windiest day:12.6 mph WSW7 January
Strongest gust:40.9 mph NNW24 November at 14:10
Calmest day:0.2 mph21 November
Windiest Month:January W
Calmest Month:August
Prevaling wind over the year:W


Average barometer over the year:1014 mbar
Lowest barometer:973 mbar2 December
Highest barometer:1043 mbar13 December

2004 Weather records

2003 Weather records

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