Holt Island Nature Reserve

Holt Island Nature Reserve


This small 7 acre nature reserve is an island located just off The Waits. It includes the remnants of the Osier beds cultivated many years ago. You can find many different plant species as well as insects, birds, small mammals and if you're lucky Muntjac Deer.


Up until about 50 years ago the island was cultivated as a commercial Osier bed. Many St Ivians worked there cultivating and harvesting the willows for the production of baskets and other products. The island was very different from today.

The Island Today

Today the island is being developed as a small nature reserve. It has a wide range of habitats: home for insects, plants, birds and mammals. Amongst the wildlife to be seen are Kingfishers, Mutjac Deer, Purple Loosestrife and the Purple Admiral butterfly.

A wooden boardwalk has been constructed for visitors and to protect the fragile ecology.


Holt Island Nature Reserve is open most weekends during the summer. It is administered by Huntingdonshire Countryside Services, pathfinder House, St Mary's Street, Huntingdon, PE28 6TN. They can be contacted on 01480-451568.

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