1998 Floods in St Ives

Great Ouse reaches highest level since 1947.

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bridge The rain started falling on Thursday and by Friday morning of the Easter weekend in April 1998, the Great Ouse had broken its banks. The water was lapping over the quay by this stage.
Quay The lower end of the quay was under water and Wellington street leading away from the quay in the picture was awash.
The Waits The Waits was flooded and sandbags used to block off the water from breaching the ridge and flooding low lying areas behind.
Old Mill The view from the top of the Old Mill building provides a spectacular view of the water. This picture is taken looking North-West over the causeway and Hemingford Meadow. The tree in the centre of the picture marks the corner of the Dolphin car park.
Photo: Adam Parrish, Creative Freedom
Mill view SW This picture is taken looking South West towards the Hemingford villages.
Photo: Adam Parrish, Creative Freedom
Mill view SE Here is a shot looking South East over the new bypass bridge, over the river and the meadows which are completely under water.
Photo: Adam Parrish, Creative Freedom
Meadow Saturday and Sunday were clear without rain, and the river subsided a little. However, as the mass of water drained off the land into the Great Ouse levels began to rise again. The highest level was reached on Sunday evening.
Sunset The Hemingford meadow was turned into a sea and the Dolphin hotel like an island. The beauty of all the water and the sunset hides the destructive power behind it.
Mill view NW Here is night view taken looking North West over the Hemingford meadow.
Photo: Adam Parrish, Creative Freedom
Dolphin Hotel The Dolphin hotel escaped being flooded by mere inches. The car park was completely flooded.
flooded car A few cars left in the car park were caught by the rising floodwaters. Keen to read what is written on the notice?
flooded VW Only the fences show where the boundaries between the car park, the meadow and the river moorings are.
Dolphin car park This picture shows just how close the Dolphin hotel came to being flooded.
Holt Island bridge Holt island was almost completely flooded, and the footbridge across the Waits to the island and the Scout Hut was completely isolated.
Hemingford Grey The nearby village of Hemingford Grey was very badly hit and the main road into the village completely submerged, passable only by boat.
London road London road, St Ives was also completely flooded.
Victoria terrace Victoria Terrace in Hemingford Grey was completely flooded with extensive damage to the houses.
Huntingdonpark In Huntingdon the riverside park was completely flooded.
Another view.
And another view.
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