Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell

A Brief History

Oliver Cromwell was born on 25th April 1599 in Huntingdon. He was educated at the Grammar school there, and spent a year at Sidney Sussex College Cambridge, before his father died in 1617. He studied at the Inns Court in London where he met and married Elizabeth Bourchier in 1620. They were a devoted couple throughout their long marriage and had eight children - four boys and four girls.

Oliver Cromwell's Study

At that time England was in considerable religious and political turmoil which culminated in the execution of King Charles I in 1649. Great Britain became a Commonwealth and it was Oliver Cromwell who rose from modest beginnings to become one of the most powerful men in the country as head of the state, the "Lord Protector".

1999 marks the 400th anniversay of his birth.

More Information

Oliver Cromwell Quartercentenary web site
Oliver Cromwell's House, Ely
The house dates back to the 13th century, although Oliver Cromwell was its most famous inhabitant. It has been restored to be as it was when he lived there. Apart from being a museum, there is also a shop, and it is a great source for more information about Oliver Cromwell. 29 St Mary's Street, Ely CB7 4HF. Tel: 01353 662062 (UK), Fax: 01353 668518 (UK)
The Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon
This unique museum is housed in the former grammar school which Oliver Cromwell attended. It contains paintings and personal items. Cromwell Museum, Grammar School Walk, Huntingdon, PE18 6PH. Tel: 01480 375830 (UK). email: john.goldsmith@libraries.camcnty.gov.uk
Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon
Oliver Cromwell's grandfather Sir Henry owned the house and entertained King James I and Prince Charles Stuart there. Hinchingbrooke House, Brampton Road, Huntingdon, PE18 6BN. Tel: 01480 451121
Ramsey Abbey
This was the home of Oliver Cromwell's uncle, and is now owned by the National Trust
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