Church of the Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic)

Church of the Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic) Church of the Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic), charcoal sketch


The Roman Catholic Church is unusual in that it was originally built, to Pugin's designs, in Cambridge, but in 1902 was brought to St. Ives and re-erected brick by brick.

How to get to Sacred Heart Church- not to scale!

How to get here

Please park in the car parks shown on the map to minimise inconvenience to residents on Needingworth Road. The Church and Nursery car parks should only be used by parishoners attending services. In particular, the Nursery car park is available only at the discretion of the owners, so please respect this. Official car parks are free on Sundays, so, if you are able, please use these and leave the closer parking available for parishoners who have difficulty walking.


Address: Needingworth Road, St Ives, Huntingdonshire
Telephone:  01480 462192
Web site: Church of the Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic)
Priest: Father Paul Maddison

Copyright 2003 David Bartlett
Special thanks to John Borda for the information and the charcoal sketch.