Contact the Elderly

Contact the Elderly


For many elderly people, Sunday is the loneliest day of the week. Often restricted to their homes by illness or immobility, they lose the opportunity to attend church or meet with friends.

A simple idea to ease loneliness amongst pensioners in Cambridgeshire is being set up by national charity Contact the Elderly. Help is needed from local volunteer drivers and hosts. What are you doing on Sunday?

Once a month Contact the Elderly groups meet for Sunday tea and companionship. Each member is assigned a volunteer driver and together they become part of a small group invited to a volunteer host's home for tea. A different host is visited each month, but the group remains the same and relationships grow. This service is a lifeline for some who spend days on their own with no one to turn to.

The search is on for:

The time I feel most lonely is after six o'clock, but when I've been out to a Contact tea I don't feel lonely at all just fresh memories of a lovely afternoon with friends. It's good getting out and being with people and it's made such a difference to my life. Harold Asquith, 89

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