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This web site is not intended to be a comprehensive list of resources and facilities in St Ives, it is a personal selection with an emphasis on leisure, recreation, travel and things to do in an around St Ives. Most of the material used, photos audio etc., is my own.

This web site is not an official publication of the town of St Ives, the Town Council, nor any of the governing bodies.

If you wish to add a link to my site, or one of my pages, please feel free to do so (http://www.st-ives.info/). I'd very much appreciate it if you let me know that you have done so. If you would like me to reciprocate by adding a link to your site or page, I'd be happy to oblige.


My aim is to make this information available to all and I have taken care to implement a web site that is standards compliant and should work on all devices and with all browsers. However, it is built with the latest technology and using style sheets so for optimum display you will get the best results with a modern browser such as Mozilla, Opera 5+, Netscape 6+, Internet Explorer 5+, Konquerer etc. However, you should have no difficulty accessing the information with older and text-only browsers such as Lynx. It also works acceptably on handheld devices like Palm, Psion and PocketPC. I support the aims of the any browser campaign, and the open standards of the W3C. I hope to ultimately achieve the AAA accessibility rating for the entire site.

I have designed the site with simplicity in mind so that you should have no difficulty navigating around it. Font sizes are all relative to your browser setting - absolute sizes are never specified. In one or two places I have used light-weight Java Applets for additional functionality. Browsing with image loading or JavaScript turned off should also work fine, although the web site has been designed to be visually and pictorially rich. I have tried to avoid the gratuitous use of graphics and effects just for technology's sake. After all, the information is put here for you to read. I hope that you find it useful, and I am always happy to receive feedback.

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Ownership and Fair Use

This Web site has been constructed by me from original material, except where noted to the contrary. Please feel free to use the information for personal non-commercial uses. Ownership of the material always remains mine.


Please retain my copyright notification on any copies you make, either electronic or on paper. Should you wish to use any of it in a commercial manner, please contact me for permission, which I will be happy to grant on reasonable terms.


While every care has been taken in the preparation of this information, I cannot be held responsible for its accuracy, nor for any consequences arising from its use.


Inclusion or exclusion of information from this site does not imply any endorsement or otherwise of the establishment or facility featured. I have included links to WWW sites other than mine. This does not mean, nor imply, any endorsement whatsoever of the content or accuracy of these sites.


I do not set or retain Cookies, nor monitor specific users in any way - I respect your right for privacy. However I do note general macro trends such as which pages are being accessed and what devices and browsers are used.


This web site is ICRA labelled. It contains no offensive material or language and is suitable for access by all ages.

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